Vintage Pin-up Fun: The Meaning of Valentine’s Hearts

It’s that time of year again; crimson hearts are visible everywhere you turn. They’re on candy and cards and virtually any gift item you can imagine. Valentine’s Day has long been celebrated as the holiday of love and romance. Just look at these gorgeous pin-ups that date from the 40’s and 50’s showcasing sumptuous gals and a variety of hearts.

These pics prompted me to reflect upon the origin of the heart shape. I did some research and what I found surprised me. I read an article on counting down the top ten theories on the heart shape’s origin; from the outline of human lips when smooching, to swan’s kissing, Cupid’s arrow, to male or female body parts, and even an herb seed. There is one theory however that I figure makes the most sense, cinching it, at least for me, to be the obvious correct choice.

The heart shape was designed to mimic the look of women’s breasts while wearing a corset. The corset makes breasts look smashing; moving them upward and onward, while the narrow waist the corset produces enhances the oh-so-coveted hourglass silhouette. You’ve got two curves at the top and a narrow bottom; viola` – a heart shape.  

High quality, steel-boned corsets are hard to come by. Well, unless you are a pin-up photographer and have already realized how amazing your clients look in them. That’s why we have a costume closet full of gorgeous, steel-boned corsets for all our clients to use during their photoshoots! Book a session, lace one on, and be ready to impress others with your newfound knowledge of the heart shape.  Happy Valentine’s Day dahlings!